NOW Skateboards isn’t just the new kid on the block. NOW, built to promote the power of each moment we share, was born in Texas in December, 2015. With an emphasis on connecting the skateboard community and serving the world, NOW believes in building the skateboarding family and growing this family by involving itself in charities that serve young people.

NOW was built with the knowledge that companies can make an impact both locally and globally by being intentional with product design and implementation and how they choose to share their profits. We hire artists and employees from within our community and our team riders all volunteer as instructors for Switchlife. Our long term vision is to build a local distribution center employing people in need in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but even as a young company we make an impact in our community in smaller ways every day through local events and projects.

Of course, all our products are top quality and American made. Each NOW Skateboard  is intentionally created to provide skaters the greatest opportunity to master their next trick. Skateboarder owned, community focused, driven by a desire to make our world a better place- this is NOW Skateboards.

NOW isn’t just a skateboard company. NOW lives in each moment we share. It’s always NOW.